Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh, no! It's Beer Can Chicken Again!!

Sorry, Mr. Bill. But we came across something that we just couldn't resist posting. As regular readers will know, we did a lot of research on beer can chicken and concluded over and over that the only reason for using a beer can is to get the chicken upright. Beer and other flavorings in the can do nothing to add flavor or juiciness to the chicken.

Well, we just came across a recipe for "Beer-can chicken: 'Modernist' cuisine for tailgaters" in this week's issue of The Week magazine. We'll just quote the article:

"The beer can’s principal contribution is that it holds the chicken in an optimal roasting position. It also lets the juices “drain away, so they don’t accumulate and make the skin soggy.”

Notice anything missing? Like flavoring the chicken? Making the chicken more moist? In fact, the instructions in the recipe direct you to:

"Empty a beer can (“the fun part”), and insert can into cavity of bird. Adjust can so chicken sits upright."

Empty a beer can. As in take all the beer out. It does not direct you to add any other liquids or flavorings. Just use the empty can as a prop to hold the chicken up. Which, as anyone who has done beer can chicken can attest, is sometimes rather a dicey proposition as the chicken isn't exactly stable sitting on a beer can.

But then comes the punchline, so to speak:

"But the real key to the technique is that the skin is pulled away from the meat before slow cooking begins, then crisped quickly with high heat."

The REAL secret to beer can chicken isn't even the beer can.

So, there you have it. Yet another vote that beer can chicken isn't about flavor or juiciness. And we'll take it a step further and suggest that you get a proper "chicken sitter" type of device to hold your bird up and avoid the tippy bird on a can. And yes, we have to admit, we enjoyed this. Forgive us. We have this weakness when it comes to setting the record straight on beer can chicken and wet charcoal. We promise. No more beer can chicken posts for at least a week. So sorry, Mr. Bill!



At March 24, 2011 at 6:16 PM , Blogger Chris said...

But but but it makes the chicken juicy and flavors it.....;)

My only problem with beer can chicken is it keeps the bird in the wrong upright position, with the breast meat in the higher temps and the dark meat in lower temps.

That's my main reason for spatching.

Great blog. I've added it to my google reader.


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