Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beer Can Chicken, We Hope For The Last Time....

Ok, we took the challenge again and re-did some of our testing, as well as adding some new testing. You can read all about it on our web page, Beer Can Chicken, Myth or Fact?.

What was the new challenge? Well, some folks said they can make the beer boil, so we felt we needed to try a few new things. We tested using different devices such as a cheap metal pan, porcelain chicken sitters, and a pricey Weber device made from heavy aluminum. Yes, we found you could make the beer boil in these devices with no chicken in place, so we then added a chicken and re-did our test of "beer vs. no beer."

When we did our previous test, we used an expensive porter, but we didn't document the brand. So some skeptics thought we should try a better beer. We used a strong and intense Imperial Stout (Czar Imperial Stout from Avery Brewery), added crushed garlic and tons of a strong rub. We cooked two birds side by side on two chicken sitters, one empty, one with the beer mixture, and then submitted them to blind taste testing.

The results? You'll have to read the web page. Whether or not you choose to use this method of cooking chicken, you will find some useful information. Good luck, whatever your choice!



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