Friday, June 25, 2010

Burger King "Pieces", followup...

We hope we don't lose all our Facebook friends and fans over this, but we recently found ourselves in a Burger King again (we were getting lunch before heading over to Ft. Bragg for the troop cook last week) and well, we just couldn't believe that Burger King "pieces" could be as bad as the ones we had written about earlier. There we were, standing in line contemplating whether to get a double Whopper or a Steakhouse burger when we noticed that you could add a 3-piece portion to any order for $1.99. Should we give it another go? Since this Burger King was located some distance from the first Burger King, we decided to give it a go. Maybe this Burger King would be better than the other one. What's to lose, except $1.99? After all, this is what we do, experiment!

Yet another reason for giving it another go is the astonishing fact that America is gobbling these "pieces" down at such a prodigious rate that Burger King was about to run out of "pieces"! (This was a limited time offering.) We despair for America, knowing that they are paying so much money for such bad pieces of bone and meat that appear to have been cut out of a pig. But Burger King was close to ending the promotion and this was our last chance to verify our original findings.

Well, of course, you know this could only end in tears. Indeed, these "pieces" were just as bad as the "pieces" we originally tried. The flavor is odd and if you want sauce, you have to find a way to dip these "pieces" into a little tub of not-so-hot barbecue sauce. Nope, these "pieces" were just as bad as the original "pieces" we tried. Experiment over.

So we promise, readers. No more "pieces". Honest. If we want a bad fast food product that appears to have come from a pig, we'll wait for McRibs to return. There's a reason why the pig in the Burger King commercial didn't fly. Let's hope Burger King figures it out and this is the last we see of "pieces".



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