Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Weekend At The Naked Whiz Publishing Empire

Time for another update on plans for this weekend's playtime. These posts usually help us sort our mind out and make a plan for the weekend. There are two things we definitely want to get started on.

First, we really really need to get started on an article on binchotan charcoal. What's binchotan charcoal? We'll if we had a short and simple answer, we wouldn't have to do an article, would we? Seriously, binchotan, also know as white charcoal, is a traditional charcoal of Japan. It appears that it's primary strong point is that it burns with no smoke and thus does not add any flavor to the food. But we have a lot of information to get straight in our head before writing an article. We also have a small sample of this precious material that we plan to play around with. We have been putting it off and really need to get started on this!

Second, those pesky little data recorders are now on a UPS truck out for delivery. We will be using them as part of some experimentation in the area of damp charcoal. We exposed the Myth of Storing Wet Charcoal, but what about damp charcoal? This one will take a period of time to complete the tests, but it should be interesting. Ever wonder what the humidity level is inside of a Harris Teeter? We're going to find out!

Finally, this weekend we hope to continue some of the leg work for doing a review of Charcos Coconut Charcoal. We'll see how it all goes, and of course, keep an eye out on our website's What's New box, and you'll be the first to know!



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