Monday, May 17, 2010

Mojo Pork Sandwich

We spent Friday and Saturday working on adapting a recipe given to us by Chef Antonio Riaos. His recipe roasts the pork in an oven, but of course, we wanted to smoke it and pull it, and end up with a mojo style of pulled pork barbecue. In essence we wanted to add the smokiness of pulled pork barbecue to the tartness and spiciness of mojo pork. You can see the results in the photo. Yum. We will be posting the adaptation on our web site once we have written it up, but we thought you would enjoy this bit of a tease until then.

Basically, the flavoring part of this adaptation is a two part process. First you make a spice paste that you rub on the pork and allow to marinate. When you smoke the pork butt, you do it just like you would normally smoke a pork butt. Then, once that pork is finished cooking and you have pulled it, you pour a mojo sauce over it all and let the meat soak up all that flavor! We can assure you it was worth the work and the wait!



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