Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's Up at Naked Whiz Plaza

Glad you asked! We just published a review of True 'Cue lump charcoal. It is being rolled out in Home Depot stores across America, which means it will be easy to find for a lot of folks. You can read the review here:

Review of True 'Cue Lump Charcoal

We also recently published a web page about safety information regarding the use of Cotronics ceramic tape as a gasket on your ceramic cooker. There's a lot of information going around relative to these gasket materials and not all of it is very good. We share with you what we found out, including a letter from Cotronics:

Cotronics Ceramic Tape Safety Information

What lies ahead? Well, we have some tests we'd like to run and document. You'll probably see them when you see them. We have 3 (count 'em!) brands of lump charcoal in line for a review. In no particular order we have the re-review of Frontier Charcoal, Primo Charcoal, and Kebroak Mayan Charcoal. We hope to get at least one of them done this weekend.

And we have some exciting playing around to do with "binchotan" or white charcoal. This is the chokingly expensive charcoal used in Japan for grilling. We have come across a source and if nothing else, we will at some point be publishing an information article on it.

Oh, and there's all sorts of little itty bitty things to do. So, as you can see, it never stops at The Naked Whiz Publishing Empire. We're going to sleep now!



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