Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back From The Granola State, Time To Get Cracking!

Well, the Naked Whiz Publishing Empire is cranking up again and it's time to get busy again. We just purchased a quantity of True 'Cue charcoal from Home Depot and plan on starting a review this weekend. This is brought to you from the folks who brought you the Bubba Keg grill. If this turns out to be a good brand of charcoal, it will be another option for buying lump charcoal from a store that is nation-wide. We'll see how it turns out and hope to have the review published in a couple of weeks.

As for other projects, we need to get cracking on all sorts of things, too numerous to list. One major item is to re-review Frontier Lump Charcoal now that they have a US-sourced charcoal. We also have a few tests we hope to run and publish in Information Central. So be on the lookout for more web site updates over the next couple of months!



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