Sunday, May 2, 2010

The New Frontier -- Lump Charcoal That Is....

There's been a fair amount of talk/questions regarding the "new" Frontier charcoal. We hear you! Right now we are in the middle of finishing up (does that make sense?) the testing portion of our review of True 'Cue charcoal. What makes this one interesting is that is supposed to replace Cowboy charcoal in Home Depot stores, so it should be available to a large number of chef's out there. I'm sure everyone is as curious as we are as to how it will turn out.

However, Frontier charcoal is now available in some Sam's Clubs and Ace Hardware stores, and it appears to be totally different from what we reviewed before. So we have it next on our list of charcoals to review. It won't be next weekend as we will be attending the first Carolina Eggfest in Winston-Salem, NC, but it could be shortly after that. Keep your eye on our "What's New" box on the front page for announcement of when each review has been posted.



At May 12, 2010 at 5:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also just finishing up a bag of the Tru Que Lump. I found that there were some very large pieces in the back, small branches actually. It to a very long time to get the charcoal up to temp and then there was quite a bit of sparking. This stuff may be good for very long cooks but for shorter cooks I was not happy with it. Unfortunately my local Home Depot is now only carrying this stuff so I guess it is back to Wal Mart and Royal Oak. Also seemed to be more expensive for a such a small bag.



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