Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cowboy "Quick Fire" Charcoal

We were in Lowe's yesterday buying some of those damned expensive lightbulbs that you discover are damned expensive only AFTER you install that stylish light fixture, but we digress. We were in Lowe's yesterday and came across "Cowboy Quick Fire" lump charcoal. Here's the specs"
  • 2 lb. cowboy "quick fire" bag
  • 100% natural lump charcoal with a paraffin coating
  • A single use bag
  • Easy to use and provides great wood flavor
Saavy readers will recall that we reviewed a similar product several years ago: Original Charcoal Company Instant Light Lump Charcoal. This was a lump charcoal product where the lump was impregnated with a vegetable-based wax. We liked the OCC product, so we snapped up a couple of bags of the Cowboy Quick Fire charcoal and will be doing a mini-review in the next couple of weeks.



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