Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend At The Naked Whiz Publishing Empire....

The wife's away, the charcoal reviewer will play. Weather permitting, we plan to do the reviewing legwork on Kebroak lump charcoal this weekend. In the wings, we have Primo lump charcoal and Charcos coconut charcoal. We scored the Primo charcoal at the first annual Carolina Eggfest, while we were contacted by folks associated with Charcos. The coconut charcoal should be fun (it usually is) so we'll probably run a few tests over the weekend on Charcos too.

We had so much fun doing the Mojo Pulled Pork photo shoot that we thought we would try another dish this weekend also. It's a rustic savory tart that we will be baking in a ceramic charcoal cooker used like a wood-fired oven. The tart should be good and we'll see if we can take another mouth-watering photo to tease you all with. Of course, if it doesn't work out, we won't say anything and we'll never speak about it again. :-)

So, here's to a great Memorial Day weekend for you all. Cook something special and enjoy the Turkey Grand Prix and the Indy 500!



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