Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flashback HD The Movie

Well, we finally did it. After an agonizing 15-day countdown, fans of The Naked Whiz were rewarded last night with the world premier of "Flashback HD". You can view it on YouTube at this location.

We thought we'd publish a few comments about this movie. Obviously, this movie was made by a team of crack professional idiots. Please don't try this stuff at home. If you do, don't say we encouraged you, because we didn't.

The flashbacks in the movie were all real and were all done without the aid of any accelerants or other trickery. This was a pure and simple charcoal fire in a ceramic charcoal cooker. No gasoline, lighter fluid, nitrous, nothing.

And lest this movie scare you off from buying a ceramic charcoal cooker, please remember, these flashbacks were created under "ideal" conditions. We used a scorching hot fire, we let the fire burn up all the oxygen in the cooker and then we rapidly opened the lid all the way. Flashbacks that you might encounter while cooking will not be as big or spectacular. And of course, if you follow our advice, you should experience flashbacks only rarely.

So, what is our advice on how to avoid the flashback? Before you open the lid, open the top and bottom vents for 10 seconds or so to allow oxygen back into the cooker. Then SLOWLY open the lid. You can read more about flashbacks at our website.



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