Saturday, August 20, 2011

Komodo Kamado Review progress report

Just a quick update to state that our new cooker is in place on the deck. We've probably done about 90% of the photography for the "photo tour" section of the review and now we just have a heck of a lot of writing and explaining to do. The plan for these reviews calls for finishing up the photo tour before lighting it up for the inaugural cook. We want to be sure we've got all the photos of a bright and shiny brand new cooker, inside and out, before we begin using it. Back to work....


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Latest Cooker: Komodo Kamado

Many of you already know that we owned a Komodo Kamado cooker that arrived by in 2006. It was a great cooker and it served us well, but we finally decided this spring that we wanted a new model with all the updates and with tile and a color that was our choosing. So, we sold the old cooker and placed an order for the new model.

Last week we took delivery on the latest and greatest model and today we were able to get it uncrated and moved into the Naked Whiz Publishing Empire's new wing. She's a beauty! We just thought we'd alert you to the fact that we will be working on a new review of the Komodo Kamado cooker to replace the old one. There have been a LOT of changes, all of them improvements and it's time we updated you. So, keep an eye on the website. We will, as always, update the What's New box when the review is ready.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Naked Whiz Publishing Empire Expansion, Part 2

Our staggering expansion project is just about complete. Here we see the massive railing system taking shape:

Pickets going up!

Everything is pretty much complete except for some minor concrete work around the massive foundational structure and of course for some tasteful landscaping.

The view from below:

And finally another view from the rear of the massive complex.

More on what our new massive expansion will be used for when we have a firm date for the completion of this massive undertaking.....


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Update to the Kamado Joe Review

We just posted a small update to the product review of the Kamado Joe classic kamado-style cooker. We forgot to tell you about the lower vent on the cooker! Whoops! The new material is flagged as an update and is at the end of the photo tour section.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Senor Beli's Baked Brie

We have just posted a wonderful recipe for Baked Brie which came to us from Beli Davila, a regular poster over at the Big Green Egg forum. Instead of encasing the brie in pastry, all the flavors are placed on top. When you cut into the rind, all those flavors just flow with the cheese and wow! We hope you enjoy! Here's the link:

Maple Planked Baked Brie del Sr. Beli


Friday, August 5, 2011

The Naked Whiz Publishing Empire Expands Its Facilities!

We would like to announce the massive upgrade currently underway at the Naked Whiz Publishing Empire Plaza!  We have spared no expense and brought in the finest architect and builder in North Raleigh, Dan Gargello to plan, oversee and implement every stage of this massive project.  Here is a photo of the location of the new building site before ground breaking:

This next photo was taken after the ground breaking was complete and the foundations of this massive structure were poured:

Demolition of the existing site was extensive, but of course you must dispose of the old before you can build the new:

As of this writing, this is the current state of this massive project. The new support structure and decking are in place:

Yes, those are 6x6 posts you see. We expect that on Monday, the new railing will be in place and our massive expansion will be complete! 40 square feet of new massively over-built decking to hold.......

To hold what? You'll have to keep watching. It may be four weeks or four months before we can reveal what required this massive new facility. Stay tuned....


Product Review: The Kamado Joe Classic Charcoal Cooker

Well, it has been a while since we have posted something significant to the web site, and here's the reason why. We have been busy working on a product review of the Kamado Joe classic kamado-style cooker.

Kamado Joe has been around for a couple of years and we recently got our hands on one for some testing. We put it through its paces and now you can read the results and our conclusions at our web site. Please take a look and read the review if you are interested in this competitor in the ever-growing kamado-style charcoal cooker industry.

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