Thursday, December 16, 2010

McRib Is Back. How's It Stack Up Vs. Burger King?

We whizloged a while ago about the dreadful attempt by Burger King to sell pork ribs. They were way too expensive, way too small, and way too bad tasting. Well, now McRib is back and we know you are all dying to know what we think of it. Here goes.

What do we think of it? Well, the last one we had was probably in 1981 when they were first introduced to the nation. We didn't like them then and we don't like them now. There are two main problems with it. First, waaaaaay too much sauce. Second, waaaaaaay too much smoke flavor in the sauce. (It probably is just a coincidence that today there is a thread on The BBQ Forum about the two worst things you can do to a piece of meat being too much sauce and too much smoke.)

But how does it compare to Burger King's effort? Well, all things are relative, aren't they? If you put a stick in our eye and forced us to pick one, we'd go for the McRib. It's better value for your money. You can scrape most of the sauce off. And it sort of actually does taste like pork meat, sort of. Kind of. Nope, in the race to the bottom of the pork barrel, Burger King got there first. We'll take a McRib if you really insist.

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