Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's Up At The Naked Whiz Plaza This Week

We have too many things in the air at one time, wethinks! Ok, here goes.

We have paused working on top secret project number 1 until September. Sorry, you'll just have to wait. It's a massive undertaking and we just don't have the time and the weather is too hot.

We have paused working on top secret project number 2 for a week or two. The son is headed off to law school in 3 weeks and he has to sell his car so he can buy our car so we can buy a new car.

We are almost done with our review of Fred's Music and BBQ Supply restaurant charcoal. We should be posting it by this weekend.

We are almost done with our review of another charcoal that will remain anonymous until we publish it. This also has been a major undertaking as it required all sorts of extra tests and we ended up making a short video to complement the review. Plus it is quite lengthy and we've been trying to proofread it quite carefully both for spelling and grammar as well as for factual content and tone. We'll give this one until the following weekend.

So, we're trying to get stuff done and we hope you think it was worth the wait when you finally see it.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh, and one other thing.....

We have decided to enable comments on our Whizlog. All posts subsequent to this one will have comments enabled. Be nice! :-)


Weekend Report

Well, it was mixed results this weekend at Naked Whiz Plaza. First of all we had a successful Operation BBQ event in Raleigh, NC at the Naval Operational Support Center. This one was run by American Spirit BBQ. We just showed up to take pictures for this one, but we got some nice photos. You can view them by visiting our Operation BBQ web page.

Then we reported that we would be making a movie for our latest charcoal review. Ooops. We made a movie alright, but unfortunately at little bitty eensy weensy resolution, so it looked pretty bad. We'll have to recreate the effort and film it again next weekend. Of course, the nice thing about screwing it up and then viewing the results is that you have an opportunity to improve upon it. Which we will do. Oh well, such is the life of a Naked Whiz.


Friday, July 10, 2009

What's Up At Naked Whiz Plaza This Weekend!

Well, let's see. We will try to make a movie to include in our latest charcoal review. This will be a first! We will try to complete another charcoal review that was suspended when we ran into a small problem. We may also try to make some more progress on our current "Build It Yourself" project, which of course, is a secret. And finally, we will be attending the American Spirit BBQ event on Saturday morning for about 300 Naval reservists in Raleigh. So, we have plenty to keep us busy!


Monday, July 6, 2009

July 2 Operation BBQ at Camp Lejeune

The event was a big success! About 1000 Marines and their families dined on pulled pork, brisket, hot dogs, potato salad and beans. There were games for the kids and games for the Marines. The weather was hot, but clear. All in all it was a wonderful time. You can view all the photos at this link: Operation BBQ Photos.

Consider giving your time to this worthy endeavor. You can visit the BBQ For Our Troops website for more information. Another group with a big cookout coming up in August is American Spirit BBQ.

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