Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Welcome To The Naked Whiz's Whizlog

Welcome to our Whizlog. It's the newest way that you can log your thoughts and ideas to the Internet. Just like we pioneered the introduction of Whizcasts to bring audio material to the masses around the world, we bring you Whizlog! This might be as successful as the chat room we used to host! :-) Or the online discussion forum. :-) again. Whatever, if anyone asks if The Naked Whiz has a blog, you just tell them "No, he has a Whizlog!" We don't plan to limit ourselves to charcoal or ceramic cookers here, but rather post about anything we damn well please. So, again, welcome. We hope you enjoy the show.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!

And don't forget that Whizlogs, just like those old fashioned blogs are upside down. Up is new, down is old. We thought you'd need to know that. That's why in a few days if we post something new, the "welcome" post will be at the bottom. Isn't it strange that the more you read, the further back in time you go? Sorta like some kind of time warp or something....

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