Saturday, July 23, 2011

Update to the iQue 110 temperature controller

We just posted an update to our review of the iQue 110 temperature controller. After some discussions with the manufacturer, we decided that because we had used a different method of measuring and calculating the performance of this unit, comparisons with other brands weren't really valid.

We re-ran our tests and measured the cooker temperature in the manner in which we did for the BBQ Guru NanoQ, and we calculated the accuracy and swing numbers using the same method we used for the NanoQ and the Auber Instruments controller.

Bottom line? Well several of the numbers got better and a few got a little worse. Our personal view hasn't changed, however. This is a great little controller that we will continue to use when we want a quick and simple controller that will keep our cooker close to our target.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Review of the iQue 110 Temperature Controller

07/13/11 UPDATE: We just had a discussion with the manufacturer regarding the methods we used to compare the iQue 110 with other controllers. The methods used to measure the temperature of the cooker were different between this test and the testing we did on the Auber and NanoQ units. This may or may not have affected our results, so we are going to investigate. If we find that indeed our comparison is affected, we will be redoing the testing on this unit and updating the review. We hope to have this completed in the next week or so.

We have just posted our latest product review, that of the iQue 110 temperature controller for charcoal cookers. You can read the review here: iQue 110 Product Review

This is a unique entry into this market with it being the first unit to use an integrated blower. That's one less wire you have dangling about. And using it is as simple as simple gets. Plug it in, dial the temperature you want, and bingo: you're set to cook.

So please take the time to read our review if you are interested in automatic temperature controllers!

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