Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Don't Know What Happened To The Big Green Egg Forum

The title pretty much says it all. We know nothing and have no affiliation with the BGE forum. We can only assume that they are doing some sort of maintenance or upgrade on the forum software. Time will tell....


Flashback HD The Movie

Well, we finally did it. After an agonizing 15-day countdown, fans of The Naked Whiz were rewarded last night with the world premier of "Flashback HD". You can view it on YouTube at this location.

We thought we'd publish a few comments about this movie. Obviously, this movie was made by a team of crack professional idiots. Please don't try this stuff at home. If you do, don't say we encouraged you, because we didn't.

The flashbacks in the movie were all real and were all done without the aid of any accelerants or other trickery. This was a pure and simple charcoal fire in a ceramic charcoal cooker. No gasoline, lighter fluid, nitrous, nothing.

And lest this movie scare you off from buying a ceramic charcoal cooker, please remember, these flashbacks were created under "ideal" conditions. We used a scorching hot fire, we let the fire burn up all the oxygen in the cooker and then we rapidly opened the lid all the way. Flashbacks that you might encounter while cooking will not be as big or spectacular. And of course, if you follow our advice, you should experience flashbacks only rarely.

So, what is our advice on how to avoid the flashback? Before you open the lid, open the top and bottom vents for 10 seconds or so to allow oxygen back into the cooker. Then SLOWLY open the lid. You can read more about flashbacks at our website.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beer Can Chicken, We Hope For The Last Time....

Ok, we took the challenge again and re-did some of our testing, as well as adding some new testing. You can read all about it on our web page, Beer Can Chicken, Myth or Fact?.

What was the new challenge? Well, some folks said they can make the beer boil, so we felt we needed to try a few new things. We tested using different devices such as a cheap metal pan, porcelain chicken sitters, and a pricey Weber device made from heavy aluminum. Yes, we found you could make the beer boil in these devices with no chicken in place, so we then added a chicken and re-did our test of "beer vs. no beer."

When we did our previous test, we used an expensive porter, but we didn't document the brand. So some skeptics thought we should try a better beer. We used a strong and intense Imperial Stout (Czar Imperial Stout from Avery Brewery), added crushed garlic and tons of a strong rub. We cooked two birds side by side on two chicken sitters, one empty, one with the beer mixture, and then submitted them to blind taste testing.

The results? You'll have to read the web page. Whether or not you choose to use this method of cooking chicken, you will find some useful information. Good luck, whatever your choice!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beer Can Chicken, Part 1,753

The beer can chicken saga continues. To summarize events so far, we originally published an article that debunked the myth of beer can chicken. We hypothesized that the method could do nothing because a) not enough of the chicken is exposed to any output from the can of beer, b) the beer probably doesn't boil, so there would be little output to begin with, and c) the serous lining of the chicken's inner cavity wouldn't allow any output from the can to penetrate the bird.

We then proceeded to do some testing. We found that indeed the beer didn't even approach boiling temperatures, and in a side-by-side blind taste test, we found that the beer can chicken bird had no flavor of anything that had been placed in the beer. This included the porter beer, 5 crushed cloves of garlic, and 2 tablespoons of a very spicy rub.

Well, you know there are two kinds of people in this world: those that take our word as gospel, and those that don't. (That was a joke, by the way.) One that didn't take our word as gospel did some testing of his own and he claimed that he could make the beer boil and that he could taste the flavor of the beer in the chicken he cooked. Although we found his methods suspect, we decided to do some more testing.

Thus it was that in Beer Can Chicken, Part 93 we reported results of trying to make beer boil in a can of beer with no chicken attached to it. In theory, the naked can of beer should get hotter since you don't have a chicken carcass absorbing some of the heat. Indeed, we found the can of beer would get hotter (206° F) but still not hot enough to boil. At that point, we revised the article, but we still had this nagging suspicion that there was more to be learned.

We decided to try to replicate the methods used by our comrade-in-beer-can-chicken-testing. We ordered a ceramic turkey sitter, two ceramic chicken sitters, a cheap metal tray with a frame to hold a can of beer, and a somewhat pricey Weber beer can chicken appliance made from relatively heavy aluminum. We then proceeded to see if beer would boil in any of these setups with no chicken attached. Any device that achieved boiling beer would then proceed to the second round of the playoffs where we would add the chicken to see if the beer would boil when a chicken was in place.

So, here we are. We won't be reporting specific results until all the work is complete, but we can report that we have achieved boiling beer. So, the next step is to add the chicken to the equation.

The other part of this new work is that we will be attempting to replicate (with methodoloy corrections) the results reported which spurred this whole new wave. We were questioned as to what type of beer we used when we were unable to detect any difference between the beer bird and a plain bird. We remembered that we used a high-quality dark porter, not Budweiser, but we couldn't remember the brand. So, we will be repeating the experiment with a) a beer of known provenance that closely resembles the beer used in our comrades testing, and b) a device that comes closest to achieving boiling beer with a chicken attached.

So, there is a lot of new exciting work going on. It's going to take some time to get the chicken cooking done since you can only eat so much chicken, but we are determined to see this through to the end. And of course as always, you'll see the results, good or bad, on our website.

Oh, and one final thing. We are still working on our topest mostest secretest project of all time. It is mostly done, but now we have to work on the mechanism for releasing it to the world. This could be good....


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This 'n That

First of all, we would like to thank our 1 follower. Yes, we said 1. Ben, if you are watching, thanks for following Whizlog!

Well, the pizza thing didn't happen. We didn't have the time to get to it after we spent most of the weekend on our Topest Mostest Secretest Project. (TMSP) We had planned to work on just the next segment of TMSP but got carried away. We finished it, or so we thought, so the time was well spent. However, whenever you finish a project, you really need to set it aside for a day and let it ferment and then go back and take another look. We decided that it wasn't as good as it could be so we went back and redid a major portion of it. (That's what we were doing last night, in case you happened by and noticed strange sounds and lights coming from our back deck.) We were pouring with sweat and covered with charcoal dust, but last nights results were much better. We think you will be pleased. Keep an eye on our website for an announcement in the next couple of weeks where all will be revealed. Tee hee!

As for other work in progress, we still have the damp charcoal thing to get on with. We have the raw data and now just need to do a bit of analysis and then we can write up part 1.

We have a few more experiments we'd like to run regarding this beer can chicken myth. We'll need to find one of those ceramic beer can chicken holders to make this project complete.

And of course, we still have Primo Charcoal and Royal Oak Charcoal to do reviews on. (We did a review a long time of the Royal Oak, but that was before we did the in-depth reviews we do now. It's time to bring it up to our normal standards.) But it's too damn hot to do any reviews. So, that will have to wait.

But as you can see, we are busy and keeping out of trouble, although last night the wife (yes, the wife who...) might have thought we were trying to get into trouble. Time will only tell.....


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