Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Holy smokes! Has it really been since July 22? We apologize for our Rumplestiltskinsian behavior. First of all, of course we'd like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and we hope you are ready for the big day tomorrow. Remember that if you are thinking of cooking your turkey on a ceramic charcoal cooker, there's no better guide than the mad max turkey method. If you haven't seen it then click here. We have the whole technique, daily tips, and new for this year: video from Fred's Music and BBQ!! We hope you have a great day and a successful meal.

A few other new items to note. We have added an Events Calendar for owners of ceramic charcoal cookers. This calendar contains Eggfests (or any other manufacturer's 'fests if they hold any), demonstrations, classes, you name it.

In order to fit the Events Calendar on our main page, we have combined Recipes and Cookbooks into one menu item. If you click on it, you will be taken to a page where you can choose between our recipes page, our cookbooks page, and a new page that lists all of the Living Cookbook recipe databases that we have available. Everything you used to find from our main menu is still there, just arranged a bit differently.

Don't miss our recently-posted review of the BBQ Guru NanoQ, their latest addition to their line of digital temperature controllers for charcoal cookers.

Our next addition to the web page will be a review of a new brand of coconut charcoal, so keep your eyes on our What's New section for that!

Again, we hope you have a happy holiday!

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