Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anyone want to volunteer?

Any of you readers out there need to work off any community service time? :-) Or maybe you just want to volunteer? March 12-13 are the dates of the Ft. Bragg, NC Operation BBQ being held for the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade and their families. It is being organized by Pete Benac, a.k.a. Celtic Wolf and he needs folks to cook, folks to serve, folks to just plain help. If you don't know how to contact Pete, send me an email via my website and I'll hook you up.

If you think you can't be of help, you can. The last Operation BBQ we attended was in last June at Camp Lejeune, NC. One group of volunteers was essentially a BBQ cook and a bunch of members from his church, including kids who all helped. We hope to see you there!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All the latest news

We just published the Publix GreenWise review. You can find a link at or in the What's New box on our front page.

We think we have what we need to finish up the BBQ Brick review. Although published, there were still questions about the source material and whether or not it is a "green" product. You will have to read the review to find out, lol!

The Ono charcoal from Hawaii has arrived. We need to start doing a little research now to get ready for the review. It's made from Kiawe wood, which makes it unique. There's a little history behind it so we'll be sure to enlighten you in the review.

And, we should be able to get started now on a new little project which we are keeping secret for now. Actually, this is our second secret project, tee hee. We've been working on our first secret project for quite some time now. We hope to finish it up soon. It will require an investment of about $80 though....


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Latest Progress Report

Well, we just finished the BBQ Brick writeup, although there is a little touch up that needs to be done. We asked the manufacturer what it is made from. They said "charcoal". Ok, we won't push it. We're sure it is coconut charcoal, so we speculated as such in the write up. The manufacturer contacted us and said, "No, No. It's made from charcoal, not coconut." Sigh. We're going to burn a piece and confirm that it at least smells like coconut charcoal so we can clarify this point.

We will be publishing the Publix results soon. The work is all done, but we need to write it up and update the database.

And in an exclusive announcement for fans of the Naked Whiz, we have some charcoal coming from Hawai'i! Yahoo! This should be interesting. Lump from the island of Mau'i.

And we are also going to try to get started on our second secret project. This will be a lot of busy work, but it should be fun too.

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